Buy Stocks on the Ethereum Network

Invest in the stock market on Ethereum.
Using Stocksdapp, you can buy, sell and freely move tokenized stocks. Get to trading.

stocksdapp for buyers

Buying Stocks on Stocksdapp

Seamless crypto ↔ ️stocks experience

  • Trustless Trading is governed by DEX contract
  • Permissionless Any stock can be listed

stocksdapp for sellers

Selling Stocks on Stocksdapp

List stocks to earn commission

  • Low-risk Full collateral against stock price moving down
  • Tailored Sellers can tune offers to add AFK hours, pick any collateral amount
  • Low-volatility All trades are executed in stablecoin

Trading protocol

Stock DEX


Stocksdapp uses Chainlink oracles to govern trade outcomes, therefore providing middle-man free, tamper-proof trading


A new version of Stocksdapp represents all stocks as ERC777 tokens, interoperable with any DeFi protocol


Stocksdapp is permisionless, there is no sign up or form filling:
just DAI ➡️ stock ➡️ DAI workflow


Stocksdapp protocol takes into account risks specific to stock trading: holidays, trading halts, stock splits, dividends, compliance and many other stock market features


Pre-release stats

Total Stocks Available


Total Value Locked

96 DAI

Total Dividends Earned



Development Highlights

August 2020
Mainnet and Ropsten beta release
September 2020
STO governance/dividend token release
27 September 2020
Tokenized stock release for CL hackathon
L2-based DEX
ERC1400 Stock Token Implementation

Trade Lifecycle

How it Works

Trade Accepted

Buyer deposit covers the total price of stocks purchased and seller commission. Seller deposit covers the amount of possible profit. All deposits are made in DAI. An oracle request determines the entry price for the trade.

Price Fluctuations

Seller can't close the trade until open position duration limit is reached. Buyer is able to close the trade at any time, except for AFK hours (holidays) outlined by the seller.

Trade Finalized

If stock price increased, buyer receives profit from seller's deposit plus initial deposit, commission and deposit leftovers are returned to the seller. If stock price decreased, buyer receives initial deposit at the current price, commission and position loss coverage are returned to seller from buyer's deposit.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Stocksdapp do?

    On the buyer side, Stocksdapp allows you to buy any amount of listed stocks. On the seller side, Stocksdapp allows you to list stocks you have some exposure to and earn low-risk yield as a middleman.

  • How does it work?

    Stocksdapp uses Chainlink oracle to query stock price in an unbiased, trustless way. For most trades, price will be queried twice - when a trade is opened and when it's closed - and profits will be distributed according to the difference. No underlying asset transfer is taking place. Conceptually it is similar to CFD (Contract for Difference), however it's free of the usual CFD problems (rigging of prices, risk of the other party not servicing their contractual obligations).

  • How to buy some stocks?

    You need MetaMask (Ethereum and ERC20-compliant wallet) and some DAI. Proceed to our Dapp page and connect to the the Dapp with the MetaMask wallet. You'll be able to browse a selection of stocks currently available from our exchange contract.
    After you pick a stock you'll be prompted to approve DAI spending limit (so that our contract can lock your deposit). After the approval is finalised, you'll be prompted to send a second tx - this transaction will deposit your DAI and initiate the trade. From now on you'll have exposure to the stock that you picked.
    You can close the trade at any time, except for the seller AFK hours (holidays) outlined in trade offer.

  • How to sell some stocks?

    You need MetaMask (Ethereum and ERC20-compliant wallet) and some DAI. Proceed to our Dapp page and connect to the the Dapp with the MetaMask wallet. You will neeed to grant our contract some DAI spending limit.
    After the approval is finalised, you will be able to list a new offer visible to all stock buyers by clicking on "Add a new offer" button. Adjust parameters of the trade to your liking and hit "Add". You'll be prompted to send a tx that will add a new offer and lock your DAI deposit. You can cancel the offer anytime before it is accepted.

  • Is there some arbiter/authority in each trade?

    No, all trades are executed in a permissionless, P2P way. Trade flow is only governed by contract rules and trade participants.

  • What is the main currency of Stocksdapp?

    Stocksdapp uses stablecoin (currently DAI) for all purposes within the protocol.

  • What is STO coin?

    STO coin is the coin of Stocksdapp protocol. STO stakers earn dividends from each buyer-profitable trade. STO is also used as a more convenient LINK substitute for oracle requests - non-holders of STO would need to hold LINK for each action (for example entering and closing a trade) that requires a Chainlink oracle request. Current beta iteration of the contract drops this requirement - neither token is required to perform any contract action.
    Governance decisions will rely on STO holders as well.
    We're planning to continuously improve on STO tokenomics and built new Dapp features powered by the coin.

Tons of options

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